The monkey’s paw is a horror fection. I think it’s a normal story at first, but after reviewing roughly, the little story scared me.

Mr White has a happy family although they are not rich. Tom Morris is his old friend, a soldier who lived in India. One day he came back and told some strange stories in India to Mr White’s and gave them a monkey’s paw. Tom warned them the monkey’s paw could give you three wishes but it would bring terrible things not happiness.

Although got the friendly warning, Mr White made his first wish, thirty thousands pounds. They poor family need money to improve their life. The monkey’s paw started its work, gave Mr White what he wanted, thirty thousands pounds, took his important treature —— his son, Herbert. A stranger from Herbert’s factory brought money, thirty thousands pounds and a sad news Herbert was in the machinery and dead. Life has changed for the poor family, Mrs White missed her son so much, one day she couldn’t bear the heart missing, and asked her husband to make second wish, let their son come back. Mr White loved his wife and his son, he made his wish. They went to sleep and wait for something. The noise from downstairs waked them up, Mr White feared it, his son died in machinery, who knows what it is outside, ugly zombie or a big monster? He found the paw before his wife open the door for the out thing and made his third wish. The noise disappeared.

The little story told me:
1. Men would lilke more once they got what they want.
2. If you want to get something easily, you have to use your resource to make transaction with devil.
3. Oncet transaction finished, it could not be canceled. Think carefully is better before decide.

what would happened If Mr White didn’t make his third wish and Mrs White open the door?

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