_: the first character in the line.
*: find word same as current cursor.
cw: delete charaters from current cursor until current word end, and switch to insert model.
dw: similar to cw, but not switch to insert model.
daw: delete one word, include blank space if it exists.
;: find last character which f{c} searches.
ESC: we can get more flexible width of undo.
b: move cursor to word’s begin.
number + ctrl + a: add value umber to the variable under current cursor.
number + ctrl + x: subtract value umber for the variable under current cursor.
set nrformats=10: vim will regards numbers which leading character is ‘0’ as oct number. set nrformats=10 can make vim edit all number as dec number.
number + command: it will make command be excuted number times. Any command, that’s very powerful.
gU: make text as upper case. usage: gUaw => make current word upper case. gUap => make current paragraph upper case.
gUU: make current line string all upper cases.

operator effect
c change(delete)
d delete
y copy
g~ case conversion
gu lower case
gU upper case
> more intentation
< less intentation
= auto intentation

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